Autumn fun: exploring the woodlands (home learning)

I am usually starting to get grumpy now as the sun disappears and the cold sets in. I refuse to turn my heating on yet as that would be me admitting that summer has truelly gone. But I will say that Autumn has its advantages. I wrote a blog with all the adventures we plan on having (Click here to have a read). So we made a start on doing some of them.

I printed off an Autumn checklist from Twinkl so we could do a ‘treasure hunt’. J didn’t get into our first choice preschool so we are waiting till January to send him anywhere now. So I am using my Early Years Professional knowledge to some ‘home education’ with J. Twinkl is great for this!

I also found the autumn key word photos that they do and I printed them so 8 fit on a page. This made them the perfect PECS size so I could use them as symbols for him. This meant he had language prompts for the words he didn’t know how to say/sign.

We headed off to the woods and had a run around. We then sat on the log and looked at the list of things to find. J quickly found pine ones and ‘ticked’ them off the list. It was rather a big and squiggly tick but a time I can get him to do mark making is great.

We walked around and found more items off the list. We also found things that weren’t on the checklist so instead found the photo on the symbols instead. J was excited to find blackberries and was eating them straight off the bush. I managed to convince him to put in a little bag and take home instead.

J was loving finding hills to run up and down. I was shattered but he has endless energy. We then used our little people to create places for them to play. J liked to find holes for them to go in. He doesn’t really do pretend play with little figures. He prefers positioning them.

We even found a big hole that we think belongs to Peter Rabbit.

After a quick play at the park we headed home. We used our leaves to make a hedgehog. J doesn’t like glue as he can’t tolerate sticky/wet things so I used cellotape that I had doubled over. This way he could push on the leaves without worrying about the mess. He kept saying ‘leaves’ over and over (to see the finished hedgehog go to our Instagram page).

We also made a cake. J has started to love sponge cake. He only like vanilla/plain cakes though. So we made a Victoria sponge and used the blackberries (what was left after his version of ‘helping’) to decorate the cake. It was very yummy and I admit there’s not much left now.

So, Autumn may mean shorter days and cold, wet weather but it can still be so much fun 🍂

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  1. mummydummy34 says:

    It looks like you had a lovely day! The cake looks beautuful xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks, it was windy but surprisingly not that cold! Not much of the cake left now 😉 x


  2. mummydummy34 says:

    It looks like you had great fun. What a beautiful cake! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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