Blogtober 17: Kitchen – reducing our food wastage (with a fussy/sensory based eater).

Since giving up work to look after J and allow us to go to more therapies and group we have had to tighten our money belt strings. This has ranged from using apps such as Top Cashback and reward based ones such as Costa and Greggs to collect points (hubby enjoyed his free coffee this week). 

I have also tried to cut our food shopping down. Food is an issue in our house firstly because of J’s allergies and also his restricted diet to dry foods. He is so difficult to encourage to eat anything new or even slightly different to his ‘J approved’ food list. 

So far I have:

-Made a list of food in the cupboards and freezer and planned meals from these.

-Made meal plans and stuck them on the freezer

-Made shopping lists so I don’t do a random grab at the supermarket

-Used shopping apps to find out the cheapest shops to buy from that week. 

-Used ASDAs price guarantee scheme to download vouchers when shopping has been cheaper elsewhere. 

-Bulk bought when J’s food is on offer eg: organix bars, Pombears etc

-Brought reduced items and then frozen them to use later (freezing them will extend their life span so I often buy packs of mince and then freeze them. Then defrost and use as and when needed). 

-Cooked extra portions and frozen them for easy ‘J approved’ microwave meals (great for when Daddy and I want to eat something we know J won’t like).

All this has helped. Yes, it takes time but it reduces our bill and encourages me to use what’s in the cupboards and freezer rather than adding more and more to then be pushed to the back. 

Recently I found a fantastic project aimed at reducing food waste. Best Before Project Aims to encourage people not to just throw perfectly edible food away just because of the date. All you do it pop along, choose what you want and then pay a donation. I popped along to check it out as I admit I’m awful at just throwing food away.

This is today’s ‘haul’. I was a bit late to the party and apparently it’s better to go earlier in the day to see the whole selection (everything from fruit, veg and baked food to baby food, dry food and drinks. There were even packs of sweets). But I’m still impressed with what I got. Most of the items are only a day or a few days passed its date. Others are couple of months but from what I’ve tried today it hasn’t affected the taste at all. 

(Making smoothie icepops-J won’t eat ice cream but will eat ice pops as long as they don’t drop on his hands…these will be yummy, healthy and J approved).

I will 100% use all this food. By being less fussy myself over food in my cupboards will mean that I buy less from the shops. I will be visiting this lovely shop regularly from now on. The more we use the less goes in the bin and this can only be a good thing…for our pockets and the environment.

Do you go past the ‘best before’ date? Do you have any money saving tips? I’d love to hear them x


(Disclaimer: If you sign up to Top Cashback using the link in this blog post I may earn Cashback rewards. To sign up without my referral link click here instead).

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  1. Rachel says:

    We are terrible at wasting food…forgetting about meat and veg in the fridge and letting it go out of date happens far too often.

    I have no qualms with eating food beyond its ‘best before’, although I am more cautious about giving it to the toddler!

    There’s some great tips here, I’ll try to remember them all!


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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      I know what you mean. I was more cautious when J was younger but I make sure I cook things thoroughly and it’s made me less anxious about giving the food to him. Mind you he ate the bag of popcorn yesterday and that was may 17 haha x


  2. We do a lot of the things you do – looking what we have already, making a meal plan and a shopping list – but still end up with food waste. It’s fruit and veg that we are worst with, we’ll often forget what we’ve got and end up with bendy carrots or a squishy tomato! I abide by use by dates (well, within a day anyway) but best before is just fiction to me!

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      I admit I will go over on use by dates by a day too if things are sealed and still smell ok especially if they’ll be cooked. Thanks for reading x


  3. I do most of these already and I’ve really reduced our food bills. The biggest thing for me has been doing my food shop online – it’s much easier to just buy what we need and not be tempted by all the extras in the shop #blogtober

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      I did think about online shopping but I don’t like to pay the delivery charge as sometimes it’s a daft price. I might try it at the cheaper more unsociable hours sometime x


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