Our Halloween Day of Fun 2017

Well our Halloween went slightly different to my original plan. J became poorly yesterday and still poorly today. So trick or treating was out the question. Instead we had fun indoors from the sofa!

I had made a ‘Halloween Box’ full of bits to do over the day. Despite J being under the weather we still managed to have some fun inbetween the calpol highs.

Pumpkin Carving

J is not a fan of wet or messy textures. So I had to scoop everything out and make sure it was dry. J would then tell me the shapes he wanted for eyes, type of mouth etc. I then carved the shapes where I was told. J then painted the pumpkin. This was a big thing as usually he avoids paint like the plague. But he did a great job!

Decorating Monster Biscuits

I cheated and brought a pack of biscuits rather than making them. With J being poorly I’m definitely glad I did this. We took the mixture and all the bits to the sofa rather than kitchen as J didn’t want to stand up for long. He scooped mixture onto the biscuits and we stuck on raisins for the eyes  and laces for mouth. J made me laugh as he was careful and delicate to make sure none of the icing touched him!

Ghost Decorations

We made some very basic ghosts from left over napkins from a party a while ago. We scrunched up balls and then wrap the other napkins over the top. I secured with some string and we added a face to them. Any time I can get a pen and any mark making from J is a win. I annoyingly had run out of thread which would have made them look like floating ghouls. So I had to use string to hang them so they did end up looking more like the gallows!

Dressing Up

Even though J was too poorly to go trick or treating he did wear his outfit ready to give it sweets to our visitors. He only kept it on briefly as he didn’t like going to the door and seeing dressed up people. He would sit on the sofa behind a pillow and watch. He didn’t get upset, just anxious and wanting security (which for him has always been to cover himself).

It was actually quite quiet around our way so we didn’t get many visitors. J went to bed early as he felt rough by the evening. But despite this we have had a lovely day together.

I’d love to hear how you celebrated Halloween…comment here or on any of our social medias (FacebookInstagram or Twitter)

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