Our Cold Weather Emergency Box…

I am a bit of an ‘over planner’. I write lists and I think of every possible scenario. When I watch disaster films I often think ‘what would our plan be?’. For this reason I always have an emergency box ready.

As the cold weather is coming the risk of what could happen change to frozen pipes, loss of electric etc. Here’s a list of what’s in my emergency box:

  • Bottled water: great for if pipes freeze or water cut off for whatever reason. Also helpful for first aid scenarios.
  • Wind up torch: this means we always have a source of light. I don’t have to worry about batteries running out.
  • Candles and matches: incase of power outage we have more light sources. Also the matches can be used to light the gas hobs if the electric is off.
  • Medicines: Calpol sachets, piriton, paracetamol and my migraine tablets. There’s also pack of tissues…just because it’s always handy (haha)!
  • First Aid kit: we have a small, basic first aid kit from St Johns Ambulance. We also have plaster and medical tape. You never know when an accident or incident can happen. This is especially true when there’s situations such as lights going out. I’m clumsy at the best of times!

I also have an box in my car for emergencies. This is much smaller and for situations such as road closures or stuck in traffic jams, if car is off road and waiting for help etc.

  • Spare pull ups and wipes (not something you want to run out of, even though J is in pants now).
  • Travel potty (well used and very handy!)
  • Small first aid kit and couple of Calpol sachets.
  • Little toys to keep J amused if we’re stuck.
  • Blanket and spare coat.
  • Bottle of water.
  • Spare phone charger (the one with USB that plugs into my car…thanks Poundland).

When the colder weather hits I will also stock up on tinned food, J’s prescription formula and some freezer foods just incase the roads get too bad to leave the house (or we just don’t fancy leaving the house in the cold weather).

Additional bits for child with additional needs:

  • Symbol cards for different situations. J is very routine and relies on visuals. If we have to do something different or something unexpected happens then I need to make sure I have the symbol cards to help settle J.
  • Medication: I must make sure I don’t run out of inhalers, piriton for his allergies, eczema cream (flares in the cold) and Calpol. Make sure that any medication your child needs is ordered in advance.
  • ‘Special foods’: there’s certain foods that J eats everyday. He’s so particular over textures and what he eats for breakfast (and where we eat makes a difference). I’ll make sure I stock up incase cold weather stops deliveries to shops, roads or illness prevents us getting to shops etc.
  • Batteries: J will only fall asleep with his night light and lullaby bee. Even if we find ourselves with no power or having to sleep elsewhere then we cannot run out of batteries else it would mean no sleep for anyone!
  • Get on the priority list. Most gas/electric companies will have a priority list for vulernable families. This is so you can made aware of any planned maintenance and power outages (and plan for them), and support if they’re unplanned.

It may sound like I’m expecting the worst but I do think it’s important to prepare for bad weather. I haven’t reached the stage where I build a bunker or get my own generator but I am covering the basics.

What’s on your essentials list? Is there anything I’ve missed?

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