Elvis the Elf: Day 1-the introduction 

Happy 1st December everyone, 

Today is National Elf on a Shelf Day…well maybe not officially a national day but if you’ve been on social media it is pretty much everywhere. I love Elf on a Shelf but probably not in the way a lot of others do it.

For us it’s not a bargaining chip or santas spy. I don’t want to add that pressure on J (plus I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make a difference during an Autism meltdown). I use it as a bit of fun and Christmas excitement. Each day Elvis the Elf will have something to explore, play, do or see. Sometimes he may do funny things but I’ll see how that goes as it will depend on how literal J will take things plus he doesn’t like change.


I set Elvis up last night ready for J to find this morning. I put it in an obvious place … in front of the Tv. Definately couldn’t be missed there. There was a simple note from Father Christmas so J knew why this Elf had suddenly appeared in our house. 

Elvis comes complete with presents to greet J. There’s a new book (there’ll be a different Christmas/Winter themed book every night for bedtime) and a present in the advent calendar. 

Advent Calendar:

J doesn’t actually like most chocolate and a lot of the toy based calendars are expensive with lots of little plastic crap. Knowing J he would want to open everything’s day 1 and the temptation would be too much. 

So, we did our own advent calendar. I’ve brought a mixture of toys and chocolate that I know J will eat. Before bed I/Elvis will hide the next days gift inside the numbered box. Just that one days. That way if J pulls all the boxes out then it doesn’t matter as they are empty. I explained that Elvis will only leave one present each day. 

I will remove the box once emptied so J can see the days going down like a countdown. Hopefully this will be a great visual so he knows when Christmas Day will be. I don’t want to overdo it and have an anxious little man all of December.

Caring for Elf

J’s sense of creativity and imagination is not the same as his peers. It’s part of Autism but at the same time it’s just part of J. He is quite literal and has an ‘everyday life’ approach to pretend play. He mimics the world around him. I thought the best way to bring in the imagination aspect of the Elf was to make it have a ‘normal’ aspect to it. 

So Elvis needs food, needs to be safe and told thank you (for the gifts). Elvis eats Elf Hoops and can have 5 a day. If Elvis was too magic and ate food we don’t recognise or pooped glitter I think this would just set J off or make him shut down the whole thing.

It’s only day 1 so we’ll see how it all goes.

I’ll be posting photos of our Elvis adventures on our Instagram so come follow us to see more. I’ll also have Elf Updates on the blog and Twitter

Are you doing Elf on the Shelf? I’d love to see and ever how you get on ❤️ 🎄 

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