Our Christmas visit to the cathedral & making memories with Lego.

J hasn’t quite found his Christmas spirit yet. This is the first year he’s been old enough to really be aware of what it really is. He’s struggled with the changes such as decorations. It’s take most of December to be able to cope with two sets of lights and some decorations hung on the wall. 

He’s also finally wearing his Christmas socks…but only because they have gingerbread men on them. When we go out, J loves to look at the Christmas trees in shops and the houses with light on. But I guess he expects our home to the never changing environment for him. I’m hoping we can put the tree up this week as he’s slowly coming around to the idea.

So, we have been trying to have some other Christmas fun. We waved as Father Christmas rode past our house, watched Arthur Christmas (once I convinced him it was ok to watch a new movie and as long as he could have all his cars in the sofa) and enjoyed the snow for a whole 5 minutes.

I am a Christian. So Christmas for me is important for more than just the presents. I don’t go to church every Sunday. We stopped going a few months ago because J was finding it a struggle. I’m hoping we can start going again now we have diagnosis and support in place. Anyway, I took J to the cathedral to talk about Jesus and to have an explore of how beautiful it is.

We went to the alter and I talked about the cross. We looked at the images on tapestries and paintings. We had fun looking in the mirror to see the beautiful artistry on the ceiling (he thought this funny). We looked st the tree and the lights. J was quiet and respectful…I was shocked! 

We lit the candles. One for friends and family who can’t be here for Christmas. One for the baby we lost in July. At first J thought it was a birthday candle and tried to blow it out. But once I explained it was a ‘remembering candle’ so it had to stay lit he then helped to position them on the stand. 

Our cathedral has a Lego project going on. They are constructing a big model of the cathedral (very detailed!). You can add a brick for £1. I thought it would be amazing to be able to say that we had a part to play in such a big project. I can take J to go and visit when it’s finished and remind him that he helped with that. 

The funny thing was that J thought he was building an aeroplane and tried to fly it around, haha. I did try to show him the plans for the cathedral but he was in his own little world so wasn’t going to burst his bubble. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the run up to Christmas. Those who are helping someone with ASD this season, I hope it’s going well and you have time to chill at some point. 


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