Mummy’s Day Off: My stay in London, Mayfair (& a review of Holiday Inn)

I have just spent the last 2 days in London exploring the rather more pricey side of the capitol. I went with my Mum and sister to see the musical Les Miserables at The Queens Theare on Shaftsbury Avenue (near Piccadilly). It was easier to stay overnight rather then travelling late at night when we are too tired to have to concerntrate on such things.

We drove to Redbridge and parked overnight for £11. That’s not bad for a secure car park. We then took central line into London. It was all quite simple…and so much easier to do without a child in tow. I do try to write about ‘child free time’ because I think there can be a lot of mixed feelings about it. 

(I made sure J had a visual story to let him know what was happening over the next couple of days)

On one hand I (well it took 2 of us) made the decision to have a child because we felt ready to start our family and settle down. But on the other hand that doesn’t mean my identity because ‘just’ Mummy. I don’t mean the word just to sound trivial but I want to express that I’m still me, as well as my amazing role as J’s mother. Being a Mummy to child with special needs is emotionally, mentally and physically draining. I think it does parents good to have time away from the little darlings and recharge the more independent side of us. I believe it’s good for my mental health so I can relax, take care of me and have fun that doesn’t invite cbeebies! That way I be the best Mummy to J when I’m back.

It was nice to be able to pack ONE bag. I didn’t have to think of what J might need, he special bedtime bits, he medications, whether to take buggy etc. We could travel on our own schedule and bundle on the busy tubes with relative ease.

We found our hotel really easily as it was just around the corner from Green Park station. On first impressions Holiday Inn Mayfair was clean, open and had lots of windows so I didn’t feel closed in (plus I like to people watch). Despite getting there early our room was ready which was a nice surprise as we expected to use the luggage hold till later. 

The room was lovely. It was clean, the beds were decent size, the bathroom was nice. The red roses was a lovely touch especially when you’re somewhere so full of concrete. Everything worked too. My only slight ‘annoyance’ was the fact the plug sockets weren’t near the bed so I couldn’t charge phone and be on it once relaxing. 

Anyway, we went off to explore what was nearby. We went to visit my Uncle at the BBC and had a tour. It was fascinating to see just how big the place is and how many screens there are for different things. When I was in school I was really interested in media studies, drama and creative writing and literature. I did consider journalism as a career so this was an amazing place to visit.

Afterwards we went to see 221b Baker Street (we didn’t go in), wondered around the extremely expensive shopping areas (definately didn’t go in) and stopped for a snack in the cafe. I love the architecture and design in London. There’s so many quirky and creative ideas. 

Next we went back to the hotel for dinner and to get ready for the theatre. The menu was decent and prices were what you expect for London (but double check your bill as we needed up having gratuity added without realising it till after…I’m sorry but your staff definately didn’t deserve an almost £7 tip!). The food did the job. It wasn’t special and needed lots of ketchup as my meal was extremely dry. However it was edible and filled me up ready for the evening. 

We could walk to the Queens Theatre as it wasn’t far from the hotel. The staff were all so friendly, it was a lovely atmosphere. Our seats were in the stalls and had a great view of the stage. I have to say Les Miserables was AMAZING. I have watched the DVD and various things adaptations but to see it on stage in London was something special. The actors were amazing and made the character their own. It brought tears to my eyes several times. 

I was shattered by the time we got back to hotel and collapsed into bed. Again, I realised how quick and easy things are without a child. I could just sort myself out and then get into bed. No monitors, no lullaby routine, no mini arguements over tooth rushing. Even though I was tired (it was past 11pm!!!) it took a while to fall asleep as it was quite noisy outside. Night time is where shops get their deliveries, there’s clean ups happening and people enjoying their evenings. But once asleep I had a great night. Another little niggle…well actually a painful niggle is that on the way back to my room I tripped on a bit of the flooring that was stuck up (where the fire doors that divide the corridors you go through are). It was metal and as I had soft boots on it did hurt my toes! So, moral is to look carefully where you’re going. 

I slept till 9am…9AM! I can’t remember the last time I woke up without “Mummy yellow sun” being shouted at me. I rolled out of bed, got dressed and went for buffet breakfast. I had a cooked breakfast and then fruit. I loved not having to cook or clean up. Again, it was all very clean, well laid out and had a good selection.

We had a couple of hours before we needed to head back so went for a walk to Choccywoccydoodah. For those who don’t know, it’s an amazing shop where they make fantastic and yummy things out of chocolate. I loved the TV show and it was an inspiration for me when I was baking. I have always wanted to go and I’m so glad I did. I was disapppinted the cafe wasn’t open but still loved looking at the models. I brought some yummy treats for home. I think J would have loved this place.

We then took the tube back to the car park and headed home. I am currently in the car writing this. I can’t wait to see my little man again. It’s been great to have time to relax and do things for me but I love being a Mummy and I love my family x

How do you feel about ‘you time’? Have you been away without your little one/s? ❤️ 

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Disclaimer: this is not an ad and I recieved no money or discount for this post. All opinions are my own x


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