Living Arrows 3/52: The Obsession…

The Star Wars obsession is growing. J has always had obsessions. It started with doors as a toddler where he could have spend 15 minutes opening and closing the same door. Then it moved to a Disney Cars when he was 2 and everything had to be car related. He had to know who everyone was and watch the films back to back. Now he’s moving on to Star Wars. This time the obsession has taken on a whole other level.

Sadly, it’s not had a good effect on his behaviour. He is now rejecting routines because they don’t include his Star Wars toys, and he’s got into a loop with his play which is hard to break. Everything becomes a spaceships…if there’s nothing around then he’ll use his hands. Even at Nursery he has to have a spaceship with him to be part of snack and lunch.

He watches lots of YouTube videos and has recently found that there are Star War DISNEY CARS (‘Darth Mater’ replaces Darth Vader). For J this is the holy grail!

As this obsession is affecting J’s ability to self regulate and follow routines I am having to put measures in place to reduce his ‘obsession’ time. I’m setting up more activities and board game time. I hide the Star Wars toys an hour before bedtime to let the meltdown subside a bit.

Problem is J is clever. He has clicked on to what I’m doing and has no taken to hiding toys so I can’t take them away. Two days I was looking for these figures so I could put them with the others. He’s way to good at this…😂

Does your child have any obsessions? What lengths have they gone too? Or have YOU gone to?x

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  1. Donna says:

    Oh this sounds tough. Hopefully he’ll wean off the obsession gradually – it can’t be easy x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      It’s handy in terms of bribery haha so at least there is a positive side x


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