It’s Easy Being Green…

The world is changing. Both materially and ecologically. There’s so much more packaging, cars, use of gas and electric and all the other nasties which can affect our planet. I am by no means on eco-warrior. However I do try and make changes where I can.

We already buy fruit loose rather than use bags. I choose my beauty products carefully so I don’t add to water pollution. We visit a ‘best before project’ regularly and use the items to make meals or for snacks.

This week I have tried to include J more. I want him to grow up with a sense of responsibility over his world, not a right to it. As J is 3 I have to be aware that not all of it will sink in right away. He may not understand exactly why we’re doing it. But hopefully the habits will stick with him and become natural to him.

Recycling is something we do but don’t talk about. J knows where the bin is but not the differences. So I downloaded photos of recyclables from Twinkl.

We glued them on and spoke about this being the bin for those items. Then Mummy empties the box into the ‘blue bin’ which is then taken to be emptied by people who will make them into new things. There’s videos on YouTube about recycling which we are going to watch later on.

As well as recycling I want to reuse items more. I’ve started to do simple things like stitch up holes in socks instead of buying new packs. I wash up jars and then J decorates them to use as presents or vases. Lately we’ve been making ‘junk modelling’. I used to love doing this when I worked at Preschool so excited to do this with J.

We made a spaceship using boxes, bottles and masking tape (so much easier than cellotape). Eventually we’ll work towards painting and gluing things on but considering J avoids arts and crafts like the plague, this was impressive enough.

Finally. I am going to reduce how often we use the car. I’m guilty of using it for journeys I could probably walk in 10 minutes. Usually it’s a combination of weather and laziness. But the snow days have shown me that I don’t need the car (it would have taken me longer to dig it out than to get to the shops). Now it’s time to wrap up warm, leave earlier and enjoy the world around us whenever possible.

As part of this I am talking to J about cars and the pollution they can cause. We did this through play with J’s mini cars and his ‘letter road‘ (to save wasting paper just print the pages with the letters you need). We also talked about road safety. Since we’ll be walking more I thought it was important to discuss being safe, holding hands, looking both ways etc. Again, we used Twinkl resources so J had visuals to explore.

With Twinkl there are options for ink saving so you can save money on ink as well as helping the environment by reducing waste.

I talked about petrol and the smoke that comes out the back not being healthy for the air around us. J seemed to understand…or at least listened. He agreed he was happy to walk more.

I know there’s plenty more we can do. As J gets older we’ll explore more and I can talk about water usage, energy saving etc. To find out more about how Twinkl supports Green Week check out their Twinkl Green User Guide which has a ton of suggestions.

What do you do to be ‘be green’? Is there anything you’d like to do more or less of? How involved are your children? I’d love to hear from you.

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Disclaimer: I am Twinkl blogger and receive my membership in return for blog posts about what we get up to. All thoughts, photos and views are my own.

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  1. Baffledmum says:

    Twinkl is brilliant. It was my first source of choice when I was working as a special needs key worker, I still use it now – at home with me kids… X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Same here. I used it when I ran the Preschool and Now as a Mum. It’s saves so much time x

      Liked by 1 person

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