Living Arrows: 12/53-The Big Boy Bike.

Firstly, I want to apologise for my absence the last couple of weeks. My grandma passed away very suddenly, and very unexpectedly. It shook my world. How can someone be fine, then be gone? It just hurts my head to think about it.

It was hard to sit downstairs, hearing the paramedics trying so hard to bring her back to us. But ultimately, Grandma passed quickly and without knowing what was happening. That’s a nice way to go.

But for those of us still living we have to adjust to life without grandma. We saw her every couple of days, she came to soft play for a cup of tea and we would sit and watch tv together (with Grandma telling me her memories of childhood). It’s hard. I miss her everyday and having to explain it all to J was heart wrenching. I’ve found it challenging to carry on doing day to day things. It feels disrespectful for life to just be normal (daft, I know).

Anyway, after a slow down and time with family, we’re back. I feel in a better place to write new blogs and share our life again. So I’ll jump back in to Week 12.

This week’s photo is J on his first big boy bike. J doesn’t really play on ride on toys that often now and days. He likes to push them, or go in the Little Tikes cars but not bikes and things with peddles. So I thought I’d buy him a ‘proper bike’ to see if this encourages him to give it a go. He’s got to the stage where he doesn’t want ‘baby things’ and likes to be a big boy. I also hope that having up and down peddles might be more natural to him that the forward peddles on trikes.

He was so excited when he saw the bike and got on it straight away. We went out to the car park and J had a good attempt at peddling. He was great at peddling backwards but this didn’t move the bike. He tried hard to peddle forwards but he once went forward a few centimetres. He got a bit frustrated so we weren’t out there long, but he’s happy to go out again when the weather is nicer.

Hopefully practice will make perfect. Feels like another milestone is being moved towards. What happened to my little baby boy? How did he turn into this handsome lad so fast?

Any hints or tips on learning to ride are very much appreciated so feel free to comment or get in touch on social media x

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  1. Baffledmum says:

    Firstly, sorry for your loss ❤
    It’s always hard losing someone so close. Well done for continuing with life, it’s what your grandma would have wanted & she’ll be smiling down at you. & a massive well done to your son for reaching another milestone. He’s going to have lots of fun with this one! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks, she’s have been tutting at us all crying. Will be worse next week at the funeral. Can just imagine her laughing at us. J loves his bike, hopefully he’ll get the hang of it soon 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

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