Oops…Fathers Day is Sunday! Our favourite last minute ideas from Twinkl.

This month has been manic. At the end of May I remember vaguely reminding myself it was Fathers Day in a few weeks, but those weeks have now turned into days and I’m now left thinking ‘argh, too late for online shopping’.

So J and I are going to be exploring some homemade ideas for Daddy. This has the benefit of being cheaper and more personal than a pair of store bought ‘Worlds Best Dad’ socks. I had a thought (hope) that maybe I wasn’t the only one to have left things last minute so thought I’d share some fab Twinkl resources that we’re using for inspiration.

Fathers Day printable badge

So I will be printing this and then laminating. I have an old birthday badge in one of my ‘junk drawers’ so will attach it to that so Daddy can wear it proudly when we head out on Sunday. Also, this is available in lots of different languages so great if your family is multi-lingual.

You could always get the kiddies to cut it out and be involved in it. But with J being not particularly coordinated with scissors I’m going to get him to help with the laminating and sticking to the badge part.

Fathers Day Rocket Card

We’ve got lots of card and stickers left in the craft box so we’re going to give this a go. J and Daddy are both Star Wars fans so we’re going with a Death Star theme (J’s choice). You don’t have to follow the instructions exactly, let your child show their ‘creative genius’ and think of ideas for the card.

Fathers Day Newspaper

This is a great one for older children who can think of ideas to add and do great drawings. I’ll help J to decide which words best describe Daddy and I think I’m going to find a photo of Daddy and J to stick on the front instead of J drawing (not his favourite thing to do so I’m sure J will like to help look through photo albums for a picture instead).

Fathers Day TrophyI have random party cups left over in the cupboard and wrapping paper so I’ll get J to help me with creating this. I think we’ll add chocolate in the top of the cup as part of the present. The written instructions are also a great way to bring in literacy with more able/older children as it gets them reading or at least understand the purpose of written word.

Following In Daddy’s Shoes

There is no way on this earth that J will let me paint his hands or feet. I could draw around them instead but it takes away a lot of the creativity and J’s involvement. So, we went with welly printing instead (although, we drew around Daddy’s shoes just to be safe). J and I talked about the size and whose feet were bigger, whilst not actually having to touch the paint at all, so less stress for him. J loves numbers at the moment so we talked about what the numbers on shoes meant, and what size feet we all have

These are just a few of the activities Twinkl has to offer. There’s print outs of cards, poem templates and more craft ideas for Early Years and into the Key Stages.

I’ll add more photos of our finished designs on our social media so you can see what we got up to. I’d love to see what you make too so feel free to tag me or send photos on social media messengers.

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Disclaimer: I am a Twinkl blogger. I receive my subscription in return for blogs about what we get up to. All views are my own and I only share things we have genuinely enjoyed.

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  1. A Life Less Ordinary says:

    Some great tips and ideas! For the first time ever, I kind of have it covered this year….go me! It’s never been like this before! My Autistic Son isn’t into crafts so I can’t wait to do this kind of thing when my youngest is a bit older 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Well done you, I don’t know where June has disappeared too this year! J’s not I to craft so had to do it in stages and make it more ‘construction’ that creative if that makes sensez


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