Days out: Suffolk Super Con 2018…Sci-fi lovers paradise!

We’ve just got back from spending the morning at Suffolk Super Con 2018. This is the first convention J has ever been too but as you know from our post about J’s obsession with Star Wars, we couldn’t miss this!

I asked J who he’d like to dress up as. He obviously chose Kylo Ren. Generally, J doesn’t do dressing up. He doesn’t like masks or outfits. He barely likes to wear normal clothes. However Kylo Ren is a different matter.

We booked our ticket when they were first announced as we heard Vader’s Raiders (a Star Wars costume group) would be there. We’ve seen them many times at different events…mainly during the Star Wars days at Planet Laser. They have always been so amazing with J. Listening to him retell the Star Wars movies, following Kylo Ren for hours, posing for photos and letting him see their weapons.

We got to the convention as soon as it opened in a bid to avoid the crowds. It was busy from the beginning, but manageable. We took the buggy so J had a safe space to hide in when it was too much. The convention was spread over two floors and you had access to the cafe. We headed straight to register for the cosplay.

I entered J (I did ask him first) not because I thought we could win but because I hoped it would be a good experience for him. Encourage him to be part of something and be in front of other people. I admit I was incredibly anxious. The host, YouTuber ‘Flame with A 4‘, however was great at putting up with my questions and let us have a quick practise so J could see where he’d be waiting and where his standing point would be.

We had to write on our entry form about our costume. We made sure to mention that ‘Kylo Ren’ has a blue lightsaber (rather than his red) because he had stolen it from Rey…truth is we didn’t have a red one in our collection (we do now as we brought one whilst at the convention so J is happy to have the proper one now).

J waited backstage for his turn. He loved looking at the other costumes. All the children had done so, so well. The costumes were fantastic and each one was different. We had practised J doing his Kylo Ren ‘foot stomp’ when he turns his lightsaber on. I wasn’t sure J would even make it onto the ‘stage’. It was pretty much 50:50. They called his number and name, and what did J do?

He ran on and launched into a whole routine of lightsaber moves. He had channeled his inner Kylo Ren. I could hear a combination of laughter and ‘aw’ followed by applause. I was so close to tears as we went to wait for the results. I mean, where has that side of J come from?

I was busy giving J the ‘talk’ about how even if he didn’t get a prize he could still choose something from one of the stalls as he did so well. I hadn’t even got half way through the sentence when J’s number was called. He won 2nd Place in the next 12’s! He won a mystery bag which may well of been made just for him as everything inside was perfect for him.

We went for a look around the stalls. There’s so many great traders and crafts people. The artists showing their drawings were just inspirational. I can barely draw stick men. We went upstairs and met some actors who were actually in Star Wars. J loved looking at the photos of them in their outfits. You had to pay to get autographs and photos but they happily chatted for free.

One of the most impressive people there was UK Negan. Now anyone who knows me will know zombies scare life out of me. I watch Walking Dead from behind a pillow and am currently having a break from the series as the character of Negan freaks me out something bad (yes, I know he’s not a zombie. He’s just such an intense bad guy)! Now this lookalike is a REAL lookalike. Honestly, you’d think it was really him. I went and had a look but didn’t have my photo taken, yes I am that much of a wuss haha.

We went to say hi to the Vader’s Raiders stalls and had photo with the speeder and storm trooper. Had a chat with the big Kylo Ren and J fought a VR sticker. He’s pretty much invited himself to join their club.

Then we went for Lightsaber Training. Well, I’m true Dark Side style it ended up as an epic battle rather than training. J was spinning his lightsaber, falling dramatically to the floor and ducking. He obviously won the battle and was rewarded with a new red lightsaber.

There was lots of other things to do and see such as face painting, body painting, a Virtual Reality area. I loved seeing so many people in their cosplay outfits. There were a lot of impressive ones. I got my photo with Deadpool, complete with unicorn so was a very happy Mummy.

Now we’re home and J is having chill out time. By the end of our time there he had stopped communicating and was sat in his buggy studying his toy. He’s now next to me on his iPad watching Lego videos on YouTube. He needs his time to self regulate and come down from the sensory overload.

I really hope the convention is back next year and it was great fun. It was a good price too and J was free so what more could I ask for? A huge thank you to organisers, the sponsors (Planet Laser) and the judges and host of the cosplay x

Do you go to any conventions? Are you a cosplayer? Maybe next year I should join in! Love to know your thoughts in the comments, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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