Days Out for under £20: Planet Laser (Suffolk)

Today was the first proper rainy day we’ve had all summer. It was definitely an ‘indoor day’. Soft play was out of the question as it would be rammed and frankly I didn’t want to pay a fortune. Swimming was the same. So we went to J’s favourite place…Planet Laser.

The reason I love Planet Laser is because it can cost as much or as little as you like. I took £20 and left with change so I think I only spent £15. Planet Laser is an arcade, Laser arena, mini bowling and cafe. There’s also ‘Teddy Mountain’ where you build your own bear.


The machine range from 2p to £1. There’s a combination of small prizes and tickets, which you exchange or save of you want he bigger items. There’s 2p machines, racing games, shooting games, game machines, ‘whack the fire’ games, a ball throwing game…the list goes on. There’s even a ride on toy for only 50p which always amuses J.

Air Hockey

We always have a game of air hockey. J loves the fact he can now reach the table to play by himself. It’s always fun to whack the puck. It’s only £1 a turn too and is first to 7 so you get decent amount of time to play.

Mini Bowling

There’s 4 lanes and children (or adults) can use the ramp to help them. You can get to bowling part by going down a small incline, but to get to the actual lane there is one low step. It was only £2 per player and just as much fun as ‘proper’ bowling.

Laser Arena

J is too young at the moment but my niece and I regularly go in for games. It’s spread over 3 levels and has plenty of places to hide and sneak up on the other team (or your friends). There’s several game modes and the games are well supervised by the marshals on duty. They have events during the year such as Star Wars day where you can play against Storm Troopers and even Kylo Ren

Decent prizes

The prizes that you can choose with your tickets are more than just ‘tat’ which gets lost in bottom of the toy box. J saved up his tickets for a Star Wars Prize.

Pool table

J loves the balls and likes to push the bit you put the money in, in and out (see, there’s plenty of ways to amuse the children, haha). For me I love a game of pool. There’s plenty of room to play.

Teddy Mountain

We haven’t had chance to explore Teddy Mountain yet but we have looked around. You can create your own teddy and choose from loads of cute outfits. J has chosen about 5 he’d like to make.


There are the usual male and female toilets which both have hand driers. There’s a spacious disabled toilet (not a ‘changing places’ facility) which you can access without a radar key. Toilets have always been clean and well maintained on our visits.


I love the cafe. It’s typical cafe price but is a varied menu and we’ve never had a bad meal. J will always have hot dog and chips meal, which comes with a drink. There a range of drinks too and if you don’t fancy a meal then there’s snacks too (oh, and a slush is machine).

Your visit can be as expensive or cheap as you want to make it. For us it’s a great place to go to let J run around, explore buttons and lights, and to have fun for a couple of hours. If you’re in Suffolk it’s definitely worth a visit.


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