Bringing Magic into my Little Boys Life…Amazon Jungle Adventure Show Review

When J was little I remember thinking that all the milestones were going so fast. All the ‘firsts’ were coming and going, and one day I worried there wouldn’t be anymore. What I didn’t realise is that there are more milestones than ‘first word’, ‘first steps’ etc. There’s the ones that don’t have a slot in the baby memory books, or the milestone cards. Today, was one of those ‘firsts’. Today my son discovered magic.

We were lucky enough to be gifted tickets to Alex Morley Productions ‘Amazon Jungle Adventure Show‘ at Stonham Barns, Suffolk. Myself, J and his auntie went along to watch. It was a combination of children’s comedy, dancers and magic tricks with the theme of two explorers Alex and Robbie off to find the treasure hidden deep in the amazon. Alex has worked in the circus industry for 10 years, and now produces his own circus shows. This is the second show at Stanton, with the first, a pirate show, being sold out.

The facilities

There’s plenty of parking (blue badge parking available), toilets and places onsite to get a drink, have a walk around or feed the fish. This meant we could burn off a bit of J’s energy before sitting down. We then went in to find our seats and J had fun with a flashy light toy and some freshly made popcorn (they also had candy floss, but I figure J is bouncy enough without even more sugar). The tent is dark and very atmospheric. You feel like you’re getting ready to watch an adventure. J wore his ear defenders and had a sensory fluff ball at the ready, and we got there early so he could acclimatise to the sounds, the stage, his seat etc.

The show

The show opened with two dancers, who were very bendy. I struggle to even bend to tie my shoes. The dramatic music and the excitement of the dancers were very intense and J did cuddle up to me and ask to leave. I gave him his light toy and his sensory ‘fluffy’ toy. He soon settled and slowly begun to watch. We then were introduced to Alex and Robbie and they told us about their quest. I wont give the jokes away but it was genuinely funny…some of it was the sort of ‘roll your eyes’/Christmas cracker style jokes but you cant help laugh as they are delivered so well. Alex Morley and Robbie James have a great chemistry together and it’s infectious.

J had a huge smile and was laughing away. J laughs a lot but he doesn’t always know what he’s laughing at as he mimics social cues, but this was genuine enjoyment. The combination of slapstick jokes, and ‘off script’ moments were fun for children and adults. In fact even my sister laughed and she’s not the sort of person to laugh at just anything, so that’s high praise.

In between the comedy were dances and a guy who can do great things with a skipping rope! There was also magic acts…

This was the first time J has seen this sort of magic show. Big tricks with disappearing and reappearing women. This is where J met another milestone…he began to truly believe in magic. His face during the magic acts were a picture. The look of astonishment and pure excitement will stay with me just as long as the first step. As an adult, obviously I know how the tricks are done, there are traditional magic tricks but they were executed so well (the trick, not the women) and there was no hint of the trick being revealed to the children.

The only bit that J didn’t get on with was the part with the gorilla. The ‘literal’ side of J came out and he was getting annoyed that despite shouting ‘he’s there’, or ‘turn around’ (which he shouted repeatedly many times) the explorers weren’t seeing it. Obviously this is part of the panto style humour but J didn’t get it. You could see the relief when they finally saw the gorilla. J even celebrated by joining in dancing/spinning with the final scene.

Please don’t go into this show expecting ‘Cirque de soleil’. This isn’t people swinging from the ceiling, or pyrotechnics. This is a more intimate, family friendly show with silly jokes and performers who want you to have a great time. Is this a show we would recommend?

‘oh yes it is’. 

More information

The show runs for 45 minutes every Thursday and Fridays throughout August at 2pm. Tickets are £8 per child, £6 per adult and free for under 3’s. Whilst there you can also go check out what else Stonham Barns Leisure Village has to offer including Soft Play, Owl Sanctuary and Mini Golf. To find out more about Alex Morley Productions here’s the link to his facebook page.

Disclaimer: I was gifted tickets to enable me to write a review of Amazon Jungle Adventures Show. My views are my own and based on my honest opinion as well as the feedback from my sister and my son. 


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  1. Great post! It was obviously a fab experience for you both (and your sis as well), and your post is really entertaining to read, too! X

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks, I think the comedy rubbed off on me haha x

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