Review: Our Family Trip to Legoland Windsor

We have recently come back from an amazing couple of days at Legoland and the Legoland Hotel. We went as a family…Grandma, myself, Daddy, J (3), his auntie and cousin (10). This meant that there was a lot of coordinating and organising. I have split my review into two posts. This post is all about visiting Legoland as a family, and what we got up to. My second post is more from the perspective of visiting with a child has is autistic (you can read that review here).


Booking our stay was easy. We went onto the main Legoland website and selected dates, how many of us there were and was then given choice of which hotel and which themed room. Sadly, Lego Ninjago was all booked so we choose the pirate room. There’s lots of options you can choose to add such as evening meal choices, booking the swimming pool etc. We looked at cheaper hotels that were outside Legoland but we decided that we wanted the full on Lego experience. Plus, it was easier to be on site rather than having to travel back and forth. It was expensive but it was our summer holiday for this year!


We were so excited when we reached the hotel. From the second you park, you feel completely immersed in Lego. You are greeted by the Lego dragon, who much to J’s amusement was blowing smoke. The reception area has lots to explore. This was great as it meant the kiddies were amused whilst we checked in and got ourselves sorted. You can’t check in fully until 3pm, however if you pop in before then you can get a temporary guest pass so that you can access the park and facilities before hand. We left our baggage in the car and headed straight to the park.

We went back at 5pm to get our keys and get ready for our evening meal that we had booked. The lift is accessible only if you have a key card. This is a great security system. The lift it’s made the children laugh as there’s different speeches from the ‘attendant’. Each time we went in they would listen out for it. The hotel was clean and well sign posted so we found our way around easily enough. You can access a gym, the swimming pool (which you have to book a slot), play areas (climbing frame, Duplo and Lego areas and PS4’s with Lego games to play). There’s a hotel gift shop too in case you forget any basics.

In the evening there is some light entertainment. It’s cheesy and silly, but it kept the children entertained. It wasn’t the best hotel entertainment I’ve seen but let’s be honest, it’s not a deal breaker. The restaurant ‘Bricks’ was a disappointment. It was buffet style which I thought would be great since we all like to eat different things. However, the food was mediocre. The selection wasn’t particular impressive (especially the kids section), nothing was labelled (no allergy advice was readily available or obvious) and it was not worth the money we paid. If it had been £10-12 I probably would have been more accepting, but at £19.95 per adult it wasn’t what I expected. I did like that you helped yourself to drinks though. That made life a bit easier.

Our Room

The room was amazing. The whole room was pirate themed but not too overloaded so it was cringy. The carpet had lots of detail which J spent time studying and the decoration was fun. When we got into our room, we found a treasure hunt. You had to follow the clues to get the combination for the treasure chest. This was great fun and the clues were basic so J could do them easily. He was so excited to unlock his surprise. He won Lego and a magazine!

Here’s some photos of the room:

The kids section had bunk beds and their own TV (with a dedicated Lego TV channel). Each bunk has their own light and came with a pirate pillow.

The adults area had a double bed (which fit all 3 of us in at 3am!), TV (with freeview channels) and the usual dressing table, mirror, wardrobe area. There was a hairdryer, basic table and chair available too. There was everything you’d expect from a hotel room.

The bathroom was very much useable. The bath had a shower in it with anti-slip mat. The toilet had adult seat and child’s seat options. There were plenty of towels and of course, the complimentary smellies.

The Park

When you are a hotel guest you get early entry into the back via the hotel. This means you can be first in line for the ‘big rides’. You get a stamp on your hand so that you can get in and out without having to get all your booking forms everytime. I admit that we got lost multiple times. We did have a map but in the ‘hussle and bussle’ it wasn’t easy to follow. To be honest, my advice is just to wander around and get familiar with the place. By day 2 we were a lot more confident.

There are two guest services. One near the main entrance and one not far from the hotel. This is where we got our ‘disability access pass’ for J. However, all the staff were so friendly and helpful, so if you need any help just grab the nearest person.

There’s a lot to explore in the park, and something for everyone. I’ll break it down a bit…


There’s a mixture of rides from the basic ‘carousel’ to the faster rollercoasters (child friendly ones), from spinning rides to water rides.

There’s also rides where you are part of the experience such as the Lego Ninjago ride where you used your arms to create ninja moves.

The submarine ride is also one we recommend that you don’t miss. Its just like going on a real underwater tour. We loved seeing the sealife and being so close to them all.

The queues are typical ‘theme park’ queues ranging from 10 minutes to an hour on the days we went. You can get a ‘Q bot’ which allows you to virtually queue so you can go off and look around or get some food until the ‘bot’ tells you it’s your turn. However, this is quite expensive so you have to weight up how important it is for you not to queue. If you or your child have a disability that mean queueing is not going to possible for you then you can apply to get the Q Bot for free (more about this in the ‘Legoland and Autism’ post).


There are various shows to see throughout the day. If time is not on your side then I wouldn’t say missing the shows will impact your visit, however if you do have the time then I would recommend the pirate show. It was fun, family friendly and had explosion and people falling into the water. This made J smile! The Lego Ninjago show was always great and gets the children involved with the moves. The shows by the water do get pretty busy so you will want to get there in good time to get the better seats.


There are shops everywhere! There’s definitely no shortage of Lego sets and accessories available. We had a look in a few shops but saved our money for the BIG Lego store near the entrance. This place was amazing and the prices range from a few pound to hundreds so you can shop to your budget. J chose to make his own Lego people, brought a Ninjago vehicle and we all chose a special key ring and family magnet. To be honest it was fun just to look around. It’s amazing how Lego has grown from just the box of bricks it was when I was a child.


I thought J might get a bit bored of the models. I figured that looking at ready made lego wouldn’t hold attention for long but, wow was I wrong! There’s LOADS of models and things to look at all around the park. J spent ages hunting down all the Lego Ninjago characters!

There’s also an amazing ‘zone’ where the major buildings, culture icons and places have been recreated. It’s fun watching everything move around and light up. We read the information about how long everything takes to build, and the amount of bricks. It’s fascinating.

Probably the highlight of the visit was looking around Lego Star Wars area. The details was amazing and you could easily tell which scene was depicted (if you’re a Star Wars fan). The fact there’s buttons to push just makes it more tempting.


There are play areas dotted around the park which are handy when you need a distraction. They are big and busy so its not the sort of park you can say ‘off you go kiddies’ and sit on a bench. It’s great if you have younger children who aren’t the right height for the rides as it gives them somewhere to explore too.

Splash zone

We didn’t get chance to explore Splash Zone but we did have a quick look and it is impressive. The photos and videos online don’t do it justice. On our next visit we are going to ensure we spare a half day just for this area. It’s not just a ‘roll your trousers up’ type splash area, it’s a mini water park. You’ll need swimming outfits and towels. Although we didn’t use the area, a friend did recommend taking water shoes for little ones as understandably it is slippy. But wow does it look fun!


There’s no shortage of kiosks and places to find food and drink. Our plan was to eat a big breakfast so we could just snack throughout the day. This worked on day one, but day two we were all hungry so decided that whilst we waited for our Q Bot to tell us it was time for The Dragon, we’d have something to eat. We decided on the Knights Table as the staff member told us food was only about 20 minutes wait. It looked like a castle inside and we ordered our various chicken dishes. Sadly, it was very disappointing and we wont be using this restaurant again. All you could hear was customers upset and complaining to each other about service. Tables were being given part of their orders then having to wait ages for the rest. We were a table of 6. One meal came 30 minutes after ordering, the next came 40 minutes after ordering…then I called a manager over. He took our receipt and went to sort things out. The rest of our meals then came 5 minutes later. There was no apology or ‘check’ to make sure we were ok and happy after. We ate our meals and hurried to our ride. The food was nice, no complaints there.

Anything else…

The park is large…way bigger than I thought it was so my advice is to wear comfortable shoes. Also, prepare for all weather. We took waterproof jackets for rain and sun cream for sunshine…we ended up needing both. The good news is that if you forget the suncream you can use Legolands’ for FREE. How amazing is that! My husband forgot his rain coat so he was subjected to the bright yellow waterproof Legoland poncho.

Legoland is expensive. However, if your kiddies are Lego fans then it’s a great experience. It’s also perfect if you have children who are too young for the big theme parks like Alton Towers/Thorpe Park but too old for the places like Cbeebiesland, as the right are just right. My 10 year old niece loved it and went on pretty much everything! My 3 year old is just in awe and hasn’t stopped talking about his visit since the second we left.

I’d love to know what you thought of your visit, or if you have any questions. As always comment below or find us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

For some Lego themed activities to try out on the car journey click here x

Disclaimer: This is not an ad and I received no discount or freebies etc for this post. All opinions are my own and my families. 

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