How to help fight dementia with cake (and raise money for Alzheimer’s Society).

There’s not much in my world that can’t be solved, or at least improved with some cake. Cake can make me feel better when I’m sad, its perfect for celebrations and its got the sugary kick I need to get through the day when both kids decide to ‘tag team’ and keep me awake at night. Cake can also help to fight dementia…maybe not literally but hosting a Cupcake Day cake sale can raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society and go towards research, support systems and therapy opportunities. Hopefully one day this will lead to a cure or more effective ways of management.

My Story

My Grandma had dementia. She was diagnosed a while ago after it became obvious it was more than just ‘old age’ kicking in. A few years ago she moved in with my Mum and Dad so they could care for her and keep her safe. It was scary how fast she declined. Everyday I seemed to be losing more and more of my Grandma. She forgot our sleepovers when I was child, she forgot the garden I spent a lot of time in and the most heart breaking was her forgetting my wedding day. I was lucky that she still remembered me in general. I think it helped that I was around almost everyday. People she saw less regularly she started to forget, or remember them as a different age so wouldn’t recognise the photos of them now.

(Me and Grandma when I was about 10)

Grandma died very suddenly last year. It wasn’t expected…we’re not sure if it would have been avoidable if she hadn’t of had dementia. You see, she got to the stage where she wouldn’t realise when she was ill or if something hurt (or she’d say a completely different body part). Other days she was adamant that she was dying or very ill when in fact she was absolutely fine. If she had recognised that she felt poorly that morning maybe we could have gotten her medical help. But we’ll never know for sure. In a way, it was better she went quickly as she wouldn’t have liked the hospital anyway.

So, my motivation to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society is in memory of my Grandma, and in the hopes that I can help another family avoid going through the hardships we faced, and to have support there for the difficult days.

What is Cupcake Day?

Basically, Cupcake Day is on 13th June (the date changes each year but always in June) people around the UK host a cake sale with the aim of raising as much money as possible. It can be held in your home, at work, child’s school or nursery…anywhere you feel comfortable. It can be a grand event with a garden party or just a small table with plates of cake and a donation box. You also don’t have to hold it on the 13th. It can be whenever is convenient for you.

My cupcake day is being held the Sunday before. I’m hosting an open house for friends and family where they can buy cakes, have a coffee and sit in the garden to chat, whilst the kids wreck my house. Last year I raised around £170 with cash donations and a Just Giving page that I shared on social media. Lots of people came to my cake sale and we had loads of fun. Others who had work or other commitments gave me their ‘cake orders’ and I plated it up for them to collect and run away with.

Do I have to be a master baker?

No, not at all. Despite it being called ‘Cupcake Day’ it can be any baked goods so you can choose recipes that you feel comfortable with. For me this ranges from iced biscuits to coconut ice, sponge cake to lemon drizzle. For my Mum is was a box of flapjacks from the shops as hers had gone a bit wrong. If you want to host at work or school then you can ask other to bring cakes it so you get out of baking altogether. As long as its edible and raises money then it’s all good.

If the idea of baking sends shivers down your spine then you can also hold a raffle. This year I’m hosting a baking themed raffle over on my instagram account. There are 10 prizes donated from some amazing instagram shops and at £2 a ticket I’m hoping to raise £50 or more. No baking, no fuss but more money for Alzheimer’s Society (feel free to go enter).

How do I sign up?

You can sign up via the Alzheimer’s Society webpage or get in contact with them on social media. It’s free and you can get a really helpful pack with posters, collection box, little games you can set up to raise extra pennies, props for the table etc.

My pack arrived pretty quick but if you find the time growing closer then you can just make your own posters and bits, then donate via cheque, call and pay on card or online at the cupcake day website. If like me you find online easier you can also set up your own ‘Just Giving‘ page and donations will go directly to Alzheimer’s Society for you.

If you do sign up then please let me know as I would love to know how you get on! I really hope that one day there will be a cure. Whether you raise or donate £2 or £200 the money will be well spent.

Feel free to get in touch with me via social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.



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  1. Jade says:

    Who doesn’t love a cake sale. Great way to raise some money. Thanks for sharing the information x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks for reading. Cake sale is best way to raise money 😆 x


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