Days out: Newmarket Memorial Park

As we’ve had such lovely weather we decided to go and try out the Memorial Park Gardens in Newmarket, Suffolk. There’s nearby parking, close to town centre and an onsite refreshment shack.

We took our 4 year old (who is autistic) and are 3 month old for the afternoon. We started off exploring the park. There’s a huge castle which makes a great play fort. It has slides, climbing, rope bridge and a telescope to spot the enemy approaching. J and Daddy had fun playing together and developing physical skills at the same time. There’s also a rope frame and swing for older children in this area.

There’s also a smaller park for younger children with swings and smaller toys to climb and explore. This is in a fenced off area so separate from the older area and the water. There’s also a zip line which is a lot of fun (we were taking slo-mo videos of each other which made us all laugh). Sadly I couldn’t see any equipment for those with mobility aids such as adapted swings or space for wheelchairs on roundabout.

Then there’s the waterpark. It’s all floor level with soft flooring so it’s less slippery. It’s made up of several small fountains that randomly turn on and off at different intervals. It does make it a bit frustrating and you find yourself having to wait around quite a lot. Thankfully it left a big puddle of water so J had fun exploring that whilst waiting for fountains to come back on. I will warn you that there were quite a few wasps around the water area.

We then explored the light and sound area. J loved this! There’s lots of different games to play but our favourite was ‘Follow Me’ which had J running side to side. We also played ‘Simon Says’, had fun listening to the different tones each button made etc. J was running back and forth across the wall. The walls had different textures of which is great for sensory play. One of the advantages for us was that this area is away from the park and water which meant J could have time away from crowding.

There’s an open grass space which is perfect for picnics. We laid out the blanket and had some time to chill out. In the summer holidays they hold events on the grass areas too. When we visited it was a quiet school day so I imagine holidays get busier. However with so much to do I hope that our future visits will be just as fun.

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