The family games we’ll be playing this Christmas…

It’s getting close to Christmas Day. The food is sorted, presents are wrapped and I’m now planning Christmas Day itself. Well, I say ‘planning’, really Christmas Day is spent lounging around and eating lots of food. But this year they’ll be 7 adults and 3 children to keep happy. So, I’ve planned some fun games to play together.

1. Children Vs Grown Ups

This is a simple trivia game where you team up to see who can score the highest and win bragging rights. The best thing about this game is that there are separate kids and adult questions so it’s a lot fairer.

You can also play for a prize (box of chocolates?) or loser has to do a ‘forfeit’. There’s ways to make this even more exciting…especially if your children don’t have the longest attention span.

2. Scrabble

We have both the adult and kids version but this year I’ll be taking the adult version to continue the tradition of trying to beat my Mother. I’m sure J will try and ‘help’ but this game will come out when the kiddies are happily playing with their new toys.

You can make this festive by having themes eg: Christmas words, rude words etc or play the traditional game.

3. Junior Monopoly

Monopoly is well known as a game that can test even the most patient families. But in our household we love this game. We have the junior version so J can join in too.

If you don’t fancy a lengthy game then you can change the aim a bit:

  • Play until all places are bought – who has most wins.
  • Play three times round the board and whoever has most money wins.

4. Cards Against Humanity

This is definitely one for when the kids are asleep or occupied elsewhere as it’s very much an adults game. It’s rude, offensive and hilarious. Great if you have a sarcastic family. My mum is going to tell me off multiple times and my Dad will probably make some of the most inappropriate sentences but it’s so much fun.

You can buy different versions such as Disney and Harry Potter but be warned THESE ARE STILL FOR ADULTS!

5. Charades

Another festive favourite which my preteen niece loves is charades. Usually we just pick and choose ourselves but we end up with the same ones each year so this year I’m doing a lucky dip soon one knows what they’ll get.

Some families choose themes, some ‘movies only’, some make it into a drinking game (drink if your movie isn’t guessed, or everyone who got it wrong drinks).

I think five games in one day is more than enough. But I’d love to know what you and your family like to play. It’s always great to have ideas for next year. Let me know in the comments or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter