Update December 2018: We no longer collaborate with Twinkl so I did not receive my membership in return for posts and honest reviews. I do however still support Twinkl and happily recommend their resources and them as a company. Any posts from December 2018 onwards will not have disclaimer as they will not be collaborative posts, but personal use.

As you may have read, we use a lot of Twinkl resources. Frankly it’s because I don’t have the time or creativity to make all the resources I like to use. By downloading and printing from Twinkl’s website it saves me time and energy (and sanity).

Twinkl is great for educational provisions and for parents and families at home. New to the website is a whole selection of Twinkl original books, complete with great activities to go with them.

I don’t get paid by Twinkl. My referral code in the links simply lets them know that you came through me to get to them. Lets them know I’m doing a good job as a Twinkl blogger. In return for blog posts I get my subscription for free. However, as always my thoughts and opinions are all my own ❤️