About us…

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m Mummy to Jared (we call him ‘J’) and our newbie, Finley (‘Baby F’).

I’m an Early Years Professional and have worked in preschools, holiday clubs, special needs provisions and even a prison crèche. But now I’m focusing on being ‘Mummy’ and supporting J with his autistic needs and adjusting like with Baby F. I love reading, writing and listening to music (I also like to sing along but not everyone else enjoys that as much, haha).

Why I’m writing this blog

I started to write this blog as a way to get the thoughts and muddles out of my head. Being a Mummy to a child with additional needs can be difficult emotionally as well as in more everyday ways. I guess I really just wanted to let others in our situations know that they aren’t alone. If this blog can help keep others a) sane b) informed c) give them ideas or advice then I’m happy and feel I’ve done my ‘job’.

Who is J?

J (who I keep anonomised as much as possible for his own privacy) is now 5. He loves space, maps/sat nav and LEGO figures. He has a love for order and making arrangements! But his obsession is Star Wars. He lives and breaths it. His world is an amazing place.

J was an atopic baby, meaning he has allergy, eczema and asthma which is all linked and combined. If one flares up so do the others…its joyful! He has now out the grown the worst of his allergies and now just a little sensitive to the foods.

J is Autistic. He has Autism and as part of that he has sensory issues and social communication disorders. J was diagnosed in October 2017. In 2019 it was confirmed that J is also hypermobile and it does affect his day to day life. But he copes amazingly well and is developing strength and control.

Who is F?

Baby F is our rainbow baby following a miscarriage in 2017. He’s a beautiful and cheeky soul who adores his big brother (and is adored just as much in return). F is following in his bro’s footsteps with cows milk allergy so we’re back to weaning though the allergy minefield. We love to explore and play.

Bit of history 

So, J was developing as any ‘typical’ baby until he turned 9m. Then he just stopped and regressed. He stopped babbling, stopped using his few words (mama, dada, hiya, ta), wouldn’t point or wave or clap. We waited to see if he would ‘reset’ but it didn’t happen so by age 1 I got in contact with our Health Visitor and started with ‘at home assessments’. By 18m the HV decided that it was time to get further advice and soon after we started our journey with our wonderful Speech and Language Therapist and were given the diagnosis ‘Expressive Language Disorder’.

We were shortly referred to the Paediatrician to find out what the underlying cause of J’s issues. In June 2017 J completed his multi-disciplinary assessments and was diagnosed with Social Communication Disorder. This isn’t the end of our journey as he continued to be assessed and supported. In October 2017 J was diagnosed with Autism.

So now we continue with a team of professionals and have a big army of family and friends supporting us.

Working with us:

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