Talking Tubes…a speech and language journey.

Today J and I were playing with these Talking Tubes. They are basically a fancier version of yoghurt pots and string. There are two ends to a hollow tube with a ‘phone’ attached to ends.

This instantly gets J’s attention as he LOVES phone. At first he was just giggling at hearing my voice. Then eventually he experimented with making sounds down the tube (“EE”and “AH” mostly).

I just love hearing his voice ❤

I will give one piece of advice. Hold it slightly away from your ear if your child is a screamer. The echo from a scream or being dropped on the floor is not pleasant!

They are decent length so can be tied to a fence outdoors, or across the room indoors. You can buy extensions too so can have more phones attached.

Overall this was a great toy to encourage anything verbal from J. Hoping he’ll use it to say basics like ‘hiya’/’hello’ and ‘bye’ at some point. However, for now I am happy with ‘ah’ and ‘oo’ and ‘ee’s.

Any recommendations for more talking toys? Is there a type of toy or resource you’d like us to try out or recommend? Any suggestions for future blogs please free to comment 😁

(ps: Talking Tubes can be brought from TTS Group website)

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