Goodbye Tiny Pop…

Today has been a hard day for J (and Mummy and Daddy). We retuned our freeview tv as instructed and guess what? No more Tiny Pop. I retuned several times, thinking it was something we did but after it failing to return to the screen (and a little boy shouting for ‘pop’) I googled it. 

Apparently Tiny Pop is now only available to those in a city?! 

Now, I don’t expect big corporations to be interested in the emotional needs of their viewers. After all, it’s all about money isn’t it? But a little warning would have be nice.

When CBeebies change their schedule or stop showing a tv show then they warn us. They post on social media to let us know. However Tiny Pop simply said that we would need to retune. They have a Facebook page and an Instagram so where was the notice? The warning? 

For J, routine is important. He has his favourite things and these become part of his life. He doesn’t take to change easily. J loves Tiny Pop and has done since he was little(r). In a world with little to no speech, I get such joy from seeing him smile, laugh and gesture/sign about his favourite shows.

Recently these have been PJ Mask and Trucktown. If I had known there was a risk of losing this channel I would have recorded as many as I could so I could work on weaning J off them and slowly change his routine. This would have been better for his emotional wellbeing. 

It took a lot to get him to stop saying ‘pop’ over and over. He kept bringing the remote to me. It was heart breaking. In the end I had to use YouTube to fill the void (fire engines to the rescue…and for once I wasn’t complaining at the 15 minute long sound of sirens).

I have commented on Tiny Pops Facebook page but my post is no longer on there (must be a computer error?). I have messaged them for their point of view. I don’t want to slate them. They provided my little boy with some amazing moments at times when he was poorly, upset, unsure etc. I will update if/when I hear from them.

I would be interested to know if this change has affected anyone else? How has your little one taken to it?x

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  1. carol hooper says:

    Grandchildren heartbroken as watched pj mask in the mornings. Why not give us notice we were loosing the channel.

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Exactly what my thoughts were Carol. It may be worth taking a look at this… x


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